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January, 11th 2007

Added a picture collection about Roma battleship, in the "Contributions to the site" section, here

2005 and 2006

Added pictures and documents, most in the "Contributions to the site" section, here

December, 30th 2004

Added a picture and documents collection about Gorizia cruiser in the "Contributions to the site" section, here

December, 4th 2004

This website is now a "Site of the Year" nominee for O.N.Z.C.D.A!


April, 28th 2004

Added a U.S. veteran' story about the capture of an R.S.I. MAS by part of U.S. Navy, in the "Contributions to the site" section, here

March, 29th 2004

I am now mentioned in The Webmaster's Guide to Glory! - How to Win the Top Web Awards.
To qualify for this prestigious mention, a site must have already won a Superb! award.
I did it! I am so proud!

Glorified in the Webmaster's Guide to Glory!

March, 28th 2004

Yesterday this site received Superb! Website 100 Award.
To qualify for this prestigious award, a site must have already won over 100 other awards, including one or more of the World's Top Awards.
It was not easy, but at the end I did it!

Superb! 100 Award

March, 15th 2004

Added an explanation about how to read an Italian military service record here.
I have remade the navigation in the research section, to make it easier, at least in my opinion.

March, 13th 2004

Added an explanation about the name "MAS", here.
Added a new picture in the "Contributions to the site" section, here.
Added a list of equivalent ranks in Regia Marina, Kriegsmarine, Royal Navy and U.S. Navy, here.

March, 12th 2004

Added the translation of an article by Alberto Rosselli in the "other theaters" section, about the military oprations of the Italian Fleet on Red Sea June 1940 - April 1941, here,

February, 25th 2004

Added two new pictures in the "Contributions to the site" section, here.
Added a page in the "Find people" about hints on Internet researches to find POWs or veterans, kindly provided to me by Mr. Marcinkowski, here.

February, 20th 2004

Added two new pictures in the "Contributions to the site" section, here.

February, 10th 2004

The new version of the site is online!

I am very proud of this work... Well, I am not sure, but I spent something around 120 hours to make this new site (only the English version!), so if you want to criticize my site don't be too harsh. :-)

The main news are, apart the graphics, a new page about ranks, a new page about the various Navy corps tasks, a new story in the contributions page, some new pictures, and a merchandise shop. This last one is just to support the costs of the site, the contents here are free and I don't want to start a commercial site. Anyway, I used original logos taken from 1940s books, "remastered" and repainted, so the merchandise will be surely something original.

Another main news is the fact now this site has an hint section about how to find info on Italian veterans, either if they're your relatives and you want to know what they did during their Navy time in WWII, or if they were your military buddies. Check out the "Find People" link to the left.

Have a good stay!

Arnaldo Borsa

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