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BigOscar BRONZE 2004 (2 Stars)

Dear Arnaldo,
Thank you very much for submitting your site (La Regia Marina) for the BigOscar's Awards. Your site scored the following:
24 Points (Bronze 24-26) = Bronze... you win the "BigOscar BRONZE 2004 (2 Stars)", congratulations!!!!
Judges comments:
Excellent content and good presentation about the WWII Royal Navy. Good Work. We enjoyed our visit. Again, congratulations...

FANtastic! Site Award

Hello Arnaldo!
Your site is wonderfully presented, easy to navigate, technically sound. I am impressed with the amount of information you present -- great job! Thank you for submitting your web site. Congratulations! We hope you accept our "FANtastic!" Site Award as just one indication that you have reason to be proud of the work and time you have dedicated to your presence on the Internet. Since creating our web site, we at Graphics Galore! have come to realize the complexities of developing and maintaining a well ordered, visually attractive, informative site; a site that loads reasonably fast, is alive with interest and devoid of dead links. Your site certainly has those qualities, and deserves applause. We are happy to recognize your outstanding efforts with our "FANtastic!" Site Award. We also have a philosophy, that it seems from your site, you might appreciate. We believe that taking pride in one's Internet presence and making an effort to connect with others is creating a new sense of community and sharing, that the Internet is a place to bring out the very best in people, that people will want it to be a nice and honest place to spend some time.

Fartown School award

Hi Arnaldo,
After visiting your website, we all in agreement that a lot of hard work must have been put in to creating and maintaining your pages. It is because of this we would like to offer you one of the Fartown School awards. As the Fartown School website focuses on our school days, our awards are not classed as 'Gold', 'Silver' or 'Bronze' as with most other sites, but are based on the grades we received whilst we were at school - 'Grade A', 'Grade B', 'Grade C', etc. We would like to award your website our 'Grade B' award and we would be honoured if you were to display it on your pages.

DRH Design Honor for 2004

You have been awarded the DRH Design Honor for 2004 Rated 4.0
Overall Design:(9) (2,2,1,4) Image quality good... Very nice Intro page.... Simple and easy to understand..... The small font at the bottom of the Intro page is a little difficult to read..... The blue background with blue text for the table of contents is a little hard to read....
Content:(10) (6,4) Very good educational content...... DRH Design appreciates the time invested to prepare all of this valuable information.......
Functionality:(9) (5,4) The table of contents functions well, but the pages are too long......... There is a considerable amount of information here, so make sure the user can go through easily........
Appeal:(10) (5,5) A nice educational site that all ages can enjoy.....
Congratulations, your site received (38) points qualifying it for the DRH Design Honor for 2004.

Alcazaren Bronze Award

Congratulations Arnaldo Borsa,
your website has won the Alcazaren Bronze Award. What has been evaluated is the content, design and navegation of the The Regia Marina page. It has been a pleasure to get in touch with your website and I am very happy to offer you the mentioned award. The precise information that you provide about the italian Regia Marina during Word War II, does cover very preciselly the information gap that the rest of us had about this piece of history, the presentation is very nice and the content really entertaining. The site very well deserves the award.

Jetzone 2 Star Silver Award

It is my pleasure that you have won the Jetzone 2 Star Silver Award for your website! Your work at the La Regia Marina website shows skill and dedication. A nice design, good layout and an informative content about the Italian Navy during WWII makes it a joy to visit. A job well done!

Southern Nytes Award

Your site has been chosen as a winner of The Southern Nytes Award of Elegance for this month. It was a pleasure to visit your site. I am impressed.

Silver Spirit Of The Web Award

For most of the criteria we use, the ' La regia Marina ' Website ranks very high. The site uses attractive graphics and photographs, pages load quickly, and the site provides a wealth of information which obviously required a great deal of research. It is our great pleasure to present La regia Marina with the Silver Spirit Of The Web Award!
Our congratulations on a great site!

PakistaniMaritime Web Site Awards

Arnaldo Borsa from Italy provides enough content on the history of Italian Royal Navy (Regia Marina) in WWII, includes ship pictures and images of detailed models used during that period. A section is assigned to help search for information about Italian sailors who served during WWII. Links section provides useful links to similar web recourses. The site content is in Italian and English languages. We enjoyed surfing your site, and we are sure everybody else will too. It is with great pleasure that we give you the PakistaniMaritime Gold Web Award.

book-look Top Spot award for Web site excellence

I am delighted to tell you that we have now assessed your Web site (www.regiamarina.it) and, based on the ease of navigation, content, graphic quality, page layout and design, we have awarded you the book-look "Top Spot" award for Web site excellence.

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