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Statistics of Regolo class

Note: this class' light cruisers were small and very fast, because they had no armor; this class is to be considered half way between light cruisers and destroyer leaders. Only three of these cruisers were completed in war time: Attilio Regolo, Pompeo Magno e Scipione Africano; other six were launched but they remained uncompleted. Attilio Regolo and Scipione Africano were given to France in 1948, while Pompeo Magno was rescued and refitted after the war; it was used as a destroyer leader and renamed San Giorgio.

Dates of service: construction started in 1939, launched in 1941 (1940 for the Regolo), first commissioned in 1943 (1942 for the Regolo), uncommissioned in 1948 (1950 for the Pompeo Magno)

Shipyards: Attilio Regolo and Scipione Africano: Odero Terni Orlando - Livorno; Pompeo Magno C.N.R. - Ancona

Dimensions: Length: 142.9  m Width: 14.40 m Draught: 4.90 m

Displacement: standard 3745 ton., normal load 5035 ton., full load 5420 ton.

Engine: 2 turbines, 4 boilers, 2 propellers

HP: 110000

Speed max. knots: 40.0

Fuel tank capacity: 1400 ton.

Autonomy: 4352 miles at 18 knots

Armament: 8 - 135/45 mm, 8 - 37/54 mm and 8 - 20/65 mm, 8 533mm torpedo launchers

Armor: none

Crew: 18 officers and 400 petty officers and commons

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