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Statistics of Giussano class

Dates of service: di Giussano, da Barbiano, Colleoni, Bande Nere: construction started 1928, launched 1930, first commissioned 1931 (1932 for Colleoni), uncommissioned 1946 (they were all sank between 1940 and 1942); Cadorna e Diaz: construction started 1930, launched in 1931 and in 1932, first commissioned 1933, uncommissioned in 1951 and in 1946 (Diaz was lost in 1941)

Shipyards: di Giussano, da Barbiano, Colleoni: Ansaldo - Genova; Bande Nere: Castellammare; Cadorna: Cantieri riuniti dell'Adriatico - Trieste; Diaz: O.T.O. - La Spezia

Dimension: Length: 169.03  m Width: 15.50 m Draught: 5.3 m

Displacement: di Giussano, da Barbiano, Colleoni, Bande Nere: standard about 5200 ton., normal load 6571 ton., full load 6954 ton.; Cadorna: standard 5316 ton., normal load 6620 ton., full load 7113 ton.; Diaz: standard 5406 ton., normal load 6710 ton., full load 7194 ton.

Engine: 2 turbines, 6 boilers, 2 propellers

HP: 95000

Speed max. knots: 36.5 - 37.0

Fuel tank capacity: di Giussano, da Barbiano, Colleoni, Bande Nere: normal equipment 1150 ton., max 1250 ton.; Cadorna, Diaz: normal equipment 1090 ton., max 1230 ton.

Autonomy: di Giussano, da Barbiano, Colleoni, Bande Nere: 3800 miles at 18 knots; Cadorna: 2930 miles at 16 knots; Diaz: 3088 miles at 16 knots

Armament: 8 - 152/53 mm, 6 - 100/47 mm, 8 - 37/54 mm (Cadorna and Diaz 2 - 40/39 mm), 8 - 13.2 mm, 4 533 mm torpedo launcher, minelayer system, 2 depth charges launchers, 2 aircraft. The 37/54 guns (40/39 for Cadorna and Diaz) were replaced between 1938 and 1940 with 8 - 20/65 mm; Cadorna in 1943 replaced its 13.2 with other 8 - 20/65

Armor: vertical 24 mm, horizontal 20 mm, main turrets 23 mm, command turret 40 mm

Crew: 19 officers and 488 petty officers and common

Project: general Vian

Note: The six cruisers of this class, also called "Condottieri", would have to be divided in two sub-classes: the first, older, was composed by four "di Giussano" cruisers (di Giussano, da Barbiano, Colleoni, Bande Nere) and the second, which represented a light improvement, by two "Cadorna" cruisers (Cadorna e Diaz). They were light and fast units, but vulnerable, either for lack of armor, either for construction weakness which caused high stress at faster speed, so high to oblige shipyards to reinforce the hulls.

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