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Corvettes statistics

Albatros class

Note: classified as submarine hunter, the Albatros, launched and commissioned in 1934, is to be considered the prototype of anti-submarines corvettes.
Dimensions: Length 70.5 m Width 6.9 m Draught 2.2 m
Displacement: Standard 415 ton, Normal load 470 ton, Full load 499 ton
Speed max.: 24.5 knots
Autonomy: 1422 miles at 14 knots
Armament: 2 - 102/35 mm, 2 - 13.2 mm, 4 depth charges launchers, 2 depth charges aft mounts*
Crew: 52

Gabbiano class

Note: this class, which construction began in 1942, had to be composed by 60 units, but 20 were not finished; many of them were captured by Germans after the armistice, while some of them were modernized and used by Italian Navy till 1975. This class had a diesel - electric propulsion; Only some units mounted the two torpedo launch tubes.
Dimensions: Length 64.4 m Width 8.7 m Draught 2.5 m
Displacement: Standard 670 ton, Normal load 728 ton, Full load 740 ton
Speed max.: 18.5 knots
Autonomy: 3450 miles at 10 knots
Armament: 1 - 100/47 mm, 7 - 20/65 mm, 2 - 450 mm torpedo launch tubes, 8 depth charges launchers, 2 depth charges aft mounts
Crew: 112

"Minerva" corvette

"Minerva" corvette, Gabbiano class, in its war colors

FR 51 class

Note: this class was composed by 5 French units captured in 1942, classified by the French as avisos and classified corvettes by Italians. Only two of them became operative, while the other three were not finished at the armistice.
Dimensions: Length 78.3 m Width 8.5 m Draught 3.2 m
Displacement: Standard 630 ton, Normal load 745 ton, Full load 900 ton
Speed max.: 20 knots
Autonomy: 10000 miles at 9 knots
Armament: 1 - 100/66 mm, 7 - 13.2 mm, 4 depth charges launchers, 2 depth charges aft mounts
Crew: 99

Escort cannoneer Andrea Bafile class

Note: originally composed by 6 units, with role of coastal cannoneers, they were then modified for escort role; at the beginning of war there was only one unit operative: the Ernesto Giovannini, which, refitted to modern standards, was in service till 1950.
Length 52.1 m Width 5.8 m Draught 1.7 m
Displacement: Normal load 260 ton, Full load 275 ton
Speed max.: 23 knots
Autonomy: 1100 miles at 11 knots
Armament: 2 - 102/35 mm, 1 - 13.2, 2 depth charges launchers, 2 450 mm. torpedo launch tubes
Crew: 29

* Note: aft mounts are that type of mounts that operated by the natural tumbling of the charges, while launchers are able to launch depth charges on the side and also forward.

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