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Statistics of San Giorgio class

Historical news: CA S.Giorgio was in the Italian-Turkish war and at the 1915-18 one. In 1923 it was in Far East and in 1924 in South America. From 1928 to 1938 it was assigned to the School of Pola. In 1940 was deployed in Tobruk where it was self-sunk the 22 January 1941. For its duty in Tobruk, it was awarded with the Gold Medal for Military Valor.

S. Giorgio cruiser


Dates: Construction start 4 July 1907 - launched 27 July 1908 - first commissioned 1 July 1910 - refitted in 1937/38 - uncommissioned 22 January 1941

Shipyard: Castellammare di Stabia

Dimension: Length: 140.9 m Width: 21 m Draught: 7.3 m (8 m with full load)

Displacement: normal load: 10167 ton., full load: 11300 ton.

Engines: 2 engines, 14 boilers, 2 propellers

HP: 18200

Speed max knots: 23.2

Fuel tank capacity: normal outfit: coal 700 ton., naphta 50 ton.; full outfit: coal 1500 ton., naphta 50 ton. (naphta was used only to refuel torpedo boats)

Autonomy: 3100 miles at 12 knots

Armament: 4 - 254/35 mm, 8 - 190/45 mm, 17 - 76/40 mm, 2 - 47, 2 machine-guns and 3 450 mm. torpedo launch tubes

Armor: vertical 200 mm, horizontal 45 mm, main turrets 180 mm, command turret 250 mm

Crew: 30 officers and 669 petty officers and commons

Project: general Masdea

A postcard of the time

pagina dell'Almanacco Navale, 1941
  Thanks to dr. Giuseppe Lupini, who gave me the postcard above (his property and reproduced here with his permission). He gave me also a scanned copy of the San Giorgio page of the Italian Naval Almanac, 1941edition (click on the picture to enlarge it).

Thanks to Cristiano D'Adamo, who gave me the cruiser's picture represented in this page.

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