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Order of battle at 10 June 1940

First Squad (Admiral Campioni)

Second Squad (Admiral Paladini)

Ionian and Lower Adriatic Department (Admiral Pasetti)

Lower Tyrrehnian Sea Department (Admiral Pini)

Upper Adriatic Sea Department (Admiral Ferdinando di Savoia)

Upper Tyrrehnian Sea Department (Admiral Aimone di Savoia - Aosta)

Albania Naval Command (Admiral Tur)

Aegean Sea Naval Command (Admiral Biancheri)

Italian East Africa Naval Command (Admiral Balsamo)

Far East Naval Command (Commodore Galletti)

Lybia Naval Command (Admiral Brivonesi)

Submarine Fleet Command (Admiral Falangola)

Auxiliary Ships

Note: ship's names have before one or two letters which show the ship's type; BB for battleship, CA for cruiser, CL for light cruiser, DD for destroyer, DE for torpedo boat and S for submarine. After the ship's name there can be the letter (F): this is to show, in its Division, that is the flagship. For auxiliary ship the letters show: AF depot ship, AGOR oceanographic research ship, AH hospital ship, AM minesweeper, AO oil tanker, AP cargo ship, AR repair ship, ARC cable-laying ship, AT tug, AV seaplane tender, AW water tanker, CM minelayer and PG patrol gunboat.

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