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In this page are presented the pictures of the models made by mister Nocera Aurelio; my thanks for his contribution.

Documents and blue prints about these models and others made by Mr. Aurelio and by others modelists are found on the catalogue of Associazione Navimodellisti Bolognesi (Naval modelists Association of Bologna, this is their e-mail address).

Click on the pictures below to see the larger ones.

Aquila: view

Carrier Aquila: profile

Carrier Aquila: upper view

The pictures above show carrier Aquila; the model is in 1:100 scale (lenght cm.232,5); it is a static model and everything is Historically correct.

"Scirè" submarine

Scire: a view

"Scirè" in immersion

The pictures above show Scirè submarine; the model is in 1:33 scale (lenght cm 180). It is radio remote controlled and fully navigable. The picture at the side show it during an immersion.

38 tonn. MAS

38 tonn. MAS: profile

38 tonn. MAS: patricular of the onboard seaplane

Above, a model of a conjectural MAS: before of the beginning of WWII, Italian Navy made a study about a 38 ton. MAS; the pictures show it, if it was built.



Above: a model a "Barchino" (punt), a suicide motorboat, and a model of a SLC (slow moving torpedo) which was nicknamed "maiale" (pig).

Eugenio di Savoia: detail

Above: a detail of the deck of the cruiser "Eugenio di Savoia". It is visible the seaplane Ro 43 boarded for the duty of shooting observation.

MAS 96

Above: MAS 96 model. This MAS was used during WWI and it was the same with which Gabriele D'Annunzio made the famous action named "Beffa di Buccari".


Duilio - detail

Duilio - detail

Also if not in theme with this site, the pictures above show the model of Duilio battleship. The ship was launched in 1876 and when this ship was commissioned, it was probably the more powerful of its age.


Above: model of Rex liner (1932), 51,061 ton.

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