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Useful links

Official Navy sites

Italian Navy (in Italian only)

British Royal Navy

U.S. Naval Historical Center

ANMI (National Association of Italian Sailors) sites (in Italian only)

A.N.M.I. official site and National Chairman Office

A.N.M.I. Venaria Reale

A.N.M.I. Gaeta

A.N.M.I. Pescara

A.N.M.I. Pavia

A.N.M.I. Pesaro

ALTA (Lagunari Amphibious Troops Association)

A.L.T.A. Bergamo


Milan National Museum of Science and Technology

Other useful links

to find sites about second World War, visit the Web Rings, which are found here.
There are already two big links directories about historical-military aspect of W.W. II and about maritime History; they are so huge and complete that I think it is useless to make here a copy, so I report here the links:
The Mother of All Maritime Links: the most complete maritime links site I know; an impressive work
The American War Library: a large links section, apart of a big directory of historical documents (payment only and of which I cannot guarantee the validity).

Other interesting sites

Alberto Rosselli' site (in Italian only).

USS Robert L Wilson: everything about this destroyer.

USS Yorktown: who doesn't know this carrier?

Nihon Kaigun: unofficial site of Japanese Imperial Navy

Sub.net Italia: the Italian web page about submarine's world.

Comando Supremo: a good site about Italy during WWII.

The Axis History Factbook: it includes information on all aspects of Germany and her allies during World War II.

Il sito dei marinai: a site with good pictures of the war period, with a veteran section and a section dedicated to "G. Dominici" A.N.M.I. group of Carmagnola (TO). In Italian only.

Guida in Storia Militare per il portale superEva di Dada S.p.A: a portal dedicated to Militar History of XIX and XX century. In Italian only.

The Documentation Group '40-'45: the Dutch Association of World War II collector.

WW2web: is a brand new portal specifically created for sites related to World War II.

Le Forze Armate del Regno d'Italia: a project to unite in a single site the history of corps, men, weapons, crafts, battles and campaigns of Italian armed forces during WWII. In Italian only.

Rengokantai: Website of a japanese modelist. In English and in Japanese.

Defenders of America Naval Museum, Inc.: Website of a group dedicated to preserve and restore PT Boats. Restored PT boats, war photos, stories and more.

PT-309 crew: The 309 is the boat that captured the Italian Mas shown in the "After the Armistice page". PT 309 picked up the crew as well. They were patrolling with the 308. The next day, PT-305 went out and towed her back to Bastia.

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