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An Arete Wave of a site Award

motivazione: "The Arete Wave Award was designed to reward webmasters and webmistresses who have created very high quality content that adds to human knowledge or is valuable to many people. While the emphasis for the Arete Wave Award is on site content, a site's design is also crucial. However, unlike many other awards that place more stress on the design portion, the Arete Wave Award makes content the more important element. Content, after all, is the reason for a site's existence. After careful review and consideration, I found your site met the criteria to receive one of the "Wave Awards." I really liked your site, it is nice to see a personal type of page with very good informative content. "

Blue Rose Award

motivazione: "I have recently visited your page and enjoyed my visit. It is obvious you have put a lot of hard work into your site and it is much appreciated. I am sending you an Award in recognition of all your work, and look forward to checking back for future updates."

Kjelles Award Excellent Site

motivazione: " I´ve looked at your site and I thougth it was excellent. Keep up the good work"

Wishing Well Award

motivazione:"Congratulations! Your site has won the Wishing Well Web Page Excellence award! Not all sites are deemed worthy of this prestigious award. It is presented only to those who have created a site that contains enjoyable content, is pleasant to view and is "family safe". Nice job! You are to be commended for your all your hard work."

Hummingbird Award Of Excellence & Appeal
motivazione:"Congratulations! You are one of my newest recipients of the Hummingbird Award Of Excellence & Appeal awards. Your site as very much deserving of the award and I am certain it is deserving of many awards yet to come."
HPC Excellence Award

motivazione: "Congratulations - We have found your home excellent designed - great information and to us very interesting. Navigation is easy and the loading time is quick. We are honoured to be able to present you our HPC Excellence Award."

Jewel of the Web Award - A Ruby Site

motivazione: "Hello and congratulations! Your site is one of the winners of the Jewel of the Web Award! You managed to reach the third highest level, the Ruby award. Nice job and keep up the good work :)"

Gold Award 2000

motivazione: "Ciao Arnaldo! Mi dispiace per il mio italiano orrendo ma provo! Ecco il premio d'oro per la sua pagina. Molto gentile!"

Mesweet's Bronze Award
motivazione: "I found your site very educational in the subject of the Italian Royal Navy. I always appreciate sites that have value. For a site to have value, then it must meet one of four things. Be informative, educational, resourceful or interesting. If a site meets one of these four things, then I rate it very highly in points for content. Your site had great content with the way you are sharing your knowledge of the Italian Royal Navy in WWII. You have created a wonderful site."
Distinguished Military Site 2001
motivazione: "Congratulations on being selected as a top military site! Our editors have selected your site as one of the best military sites on the Web. Military.com recognizes your website as a valued resource for the military community. We salute you and your efforts. In appreciation, we would like to present you with our Distinguished Military Site Award. Again, congratulations on a great military site!"

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