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Web Author's choice Award

motivazione: "We toured your web site and feel that your site meets the criteria of our Web Author's Choice Award...Congratulations! Your site in is very well thought out, informative and very navigable. A definite "Bookmark" on our system!"

Midnight sun Award
motivazione: "Well Done! Your web page was good in both design and content. Keep up the good work."
Twilight's Award
motivazione: "I have just reviewed your website and I am pleased to award you the Outstanding Website Award"
PeaceWork Award
motivazione: "Congratulations! Your site, La Regia Marina, has won the PeaceWork Certified Silver Site Award. You scored 269 of 300 possible points."
Omega Award
motivazione: "Congratulations on a fine web site. It is our pleasure to present you with our "Seal of Approval." We enjoyed our visit to your web site."
Silver Euro.www.Award for private homepage
motivazione: "Herzlicher Glückwunsch ... Sie haben für Ihre Homepage... im 4. Quartal 1999 einen Euro.www.Award in Silber gewonnen."
The Johnny Lightning Award For Web Page Excellence motivazione: "CONGRATULATIONS !…. You have won: "The Johnny Lightning Award For Web Page Excellence" Johnny Lightning is a nick-name given to me from one of my co-workers of where I work. Because of the speed and accuracy that I put forth in getting my assignments done. The "Double Lightning Bolts" pictured in the award, is a rare phenomenon of nature. But when used in this award, it exemplifies your "RARE AND PHENOMENAL WEB SITE". And we feel your site deserves this award for all your hard work that you put into it. Your site is well done and easy to navigate. It is nice to see that someone as yourself takes pride in their work. Your site is a definite contribution to the Internet as a whole.
Caroline's Good Site Award

motivazione: "I am pleased to say that I have awarded your site with Caroline's Good Site Award. Your site is very interesting and informative and is laid out well. You have tried so very hard to make an English version and I commend you. You also make it easy to navigate. Congratulations!"

My ParenTime's Informed Site Award

motivazione: "Congratulations! After careful review, we have chosen your site as a winner of My ParenTime's Informed Site Award! We offer this award strictly to those sites that provide information that will help the public in some way. My ParenTime stresses this importance, and believes it makes a better online community. Thank you for having an informed site!"

Top Site Award
motivazione: "Congratulations! Your site at: http://www.regiamarina.it/ is now listed among our Top Sites for the month of January, 2001. Your website is fast-loading, very original, has appeal for your target audience and is certainly deserving of our award. The amount of Awards you have been bestowed is also impressive."

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