La Regia Marina

The various units of the Italian Navy were re-united in organic groups...
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It is not possible to give an absolute criterion in order to distinguish between the multiple types of warships, but it is possible to regroup them in classes...
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Italy entered in war 10th June 1940; the war was decided by Mussolini, who however knew of the present unpreparedness to the conflict...
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At the beginning of the hostilities Italy was found with a numerous Navy, but for type of unit and training it was not much prepared for the war...
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The technical preparation of the Regia Marina seemed, at first look, in line with the times and the other powers...
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Technical data
Directory of names and statistics of the main Italian units...
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A section where to collect veterans' memories and also fans' articles...
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in World War Two

preparation to the war, organization, craft, history, battles
during the second World conflict.
At June, 10th, 1940 (at the very beginning of the war) the Regia Marina was composed by
◊ 6 battleships, two of them of modern 35,000 ton. type
◊ 7 cruisers of 10,000 ton.
◊ 14 light cruisers between 5.000 and 8.000 ton.
◊ 12 flotilla leader destroyers
◊ 28 modern destroyers
◊ 19 old model destroyers
◊ 69 torpedo boats
◊ 117 submarines of varied type and tonnage
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1st Fleet ships

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