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Contributions to the site

In many pages of this site you can already find some contributions, either as articles (as those by Alberto Rosselli on other operational theaters outside Mediterranean Sea, in historical section, here) and as pictures, which several "History fans" sent me. Many thanks to them all.

I thought to add this section where to collect veterans' memories and also fans' articles. A very big "thank you" to all whom will want to collaborate.

Pictures collection of Battleship Roma, taken by the aircraft observer.

Pictures collection taken under way by the photographer aboard Gorizia cruiser, kindly given to me by mister Danilo Boldoni, whose father was aboard the cruiser.

Pictures and documents about Gorizia cruiser kindly given to me by Mr. Giacomo Di Blasi, whose father Giuseppe was aboard the cruiser.

Taranto, November 11th 1940: the Italian "Pearl Harbor". 60 years later, to not forget. An article by Fabrizio.

Some pages of Lieutenant Fabrizio Romano's War Diary, 66th Infantry. Mr. Romano was Fabrizio Passarella's cousin. Fabrizio Passarella was Fabrizio grandfather, and Fabrizio gave me copy of 6 original pages of the diary, written on board the transport ship Neptunia, going to Tripoli (Libya), between 18th and 20th August 1941: the pages are the direct witnessing of the crossing which saw the sinking, by torpedoing, of the transport ship Esperia.

Ex-officer Bruno Gabbrielli contribution; Mr. Gabbrielli enlisted in Navy ranks, Navy Academy in Livorno, in October 1936.

Picture gallery containing pictures sent by History fans.

Pictures of the fully detailed models made by Mr. Aurelio Nocera.

Some pages of the book by Lt. W.F. Pleasants "PT 309 A Personal Log" showing the action which brought to the capture of a R.S.I. MAS, in June 29th, 1944.


If you would like to send me pictures or an article for publication in this page, feel free to do it, writing me at this address; rules are very simple: the article (or the pictures) must regard the site theme and be as much as possible objective. Together with the article you can tell me if you want me to post your name or a pseudonym and/or your e-mail address. Obviously, the final decision about the publication of an article in this site is only mine.

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