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Statistics of Trento Class

Dates of service: construction started in 1925 (Bolzano: 1930); launched: Trento 1927, Trieste 1926, Bolzano 1932; first commissioned: Trento 1929, Trieste 1928, Bolzano 1933; uncommissioned in 1946 (Bolzano: 1947); Trento was sunk in 1942, Trieste in 1943 and Bolzano in 1944.

Shipyards: Trento: Orlando - Livorno; Trieste: Stabilimento Tecnico triestino - Trieste; Bolzano: Ansaldo - Genova

Trento model

Dimensions: Length 196.9 m Width 20,6 m Draught 6.7 m
Displacement: Trento: Standard 10511 ton - Normal load 13114 ton - Full load 13548 ton; Trieste: Standard 10505 ton - Normal load 13109 ton - Full load 13540 ton; Bolzano: Standard 11065 ton - Normal load 13243 ton - Full load 13885 ton;
Speed max: 35.0 knots
Autonomy: 4160 miles at 16 knots (Bolzano 4432 miles) - 3190 miles at 25 knots - 1010 miles at 35 knots
Armament: 8 - 203/50, 12 - 100/47, 8 - 37/54, 8 - 13.2 - 8 533 mm torpedo launchers - 3 airplanes
Armor: horizontal 50 mm, vertical 60 mm (Bolzano: 70 mm), main turrets 100 mm (Bolzano: 80 mm), command turret 100 mm
Crew: 25 Officers - 698 Petty officers and Commons

Historical News

The cruisers of this class were the first constructed according to Washington Treaty of 1921. The Trento was launched the 4 October 1927. In February of 1932 it transported the San Marco Battalion in the concession that Italy had to Tien Tsin while it was in course the Chino-Japanese war . In August of 1933 Trento, Trieste and Bolzano constituted the Second naval Division but the year after it changed the numeration becoming Third naval Division and such it remained for all the war period until its dismissing. During the Spanish civil war it carried out missions of protection of the traffic in the western Mediterranean and during the II world war it participated to all the more important battles of the Mediterranean: Punta Stilo, Capo Teulada, Guado, Capo Matapan, and it also carried over supply convoys missions and search of the enemy. The Trento sank during the battle of "half June" the 14 June 1942 for a double torpedoing from English, the first one by a torpedo aircraft and the successive one by the submarine P.35.

Thanks to mister Fabrizio Melotto, whose father was aboard the Trento during the mission to Tien Tsin of 1932, who gave me the picture of the original map of the mission and the picture of cruiser Trento in navigation. Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Mission to China map

Cruiser Trento under way

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