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Statistics of Duilio class

Duilio: construction starts in shipyards Castellammare during 1912, launched in 1913, firt commissioned in 1915; refitted by shipyards Tirreno - Genova in 1940. Uncommissioned in 1956.

Doria: construction starts in shipyards Arsenale di La Spezia during 1912, launched in 1913, first commissioned in 1916; refitted by shipyards CRDA - Trieste in 1940. Uncommissioned in 1956.

Dimension: Length: 186.9  m Width: 28.0 m Draught: 10.4 m

Displacement: normal load 28700 ton., full load 29000 ton.

Engines: 2 turbines, 8 boilers, 2 propellers

HP: 85000

Speed max. knots: 26.0

Fuel tank capacity: 2550 ton.

Autonomy: 3390 for the Doria

Armament: 10 - 320/44 mm, 12 - 135/44 mm, 10 - 90/50 mm, 19 - 37/54 mm and 12 - 20/65 mm

Armor: vertical 250 mm, horizontal 135 mm, main turrets 280 mm, command turrets 260 mm

Crew: 36 officers and 1459 petty officers and commons

a battleship of this class seen by an aircraft

Project: originally was by general Valsecchi, refit project by general Rotundi.

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