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These are the books which mostly inspired this site:

Author Title Published by Place and Year of publishing
AAVV * Appello al mare! Navy Ministry Rome, 1939
AAVV Almanacco Navale Italiano Navy Ministry Rome, 1941
AAVV La Domenica del Corriere (a newspaper's magazine, years 1939 - 1943) RCS Milan, same years
AAVV History of the second World War - volumes. 1-4 Rizzoli (in Italy) Milan (in Italy), 1967
AAVV Dizionario d'ingegneria - 6 vol. Unione tipografico - Editrice torinese Turin, 1951
AAVV Enciclopedia ragionata delle armi Mondadori Milan, 1979
E. Biagi La seconda guerra mondiale - parlano i protagonisti RCS Milan, 1989
M. Gilbert Second World War Mondadori (in Italy) Milan (in Italy),1989
G. Giorgerini, A. Nani Almanacco storico delle navi militari italiane 1861-1995 Navy Historical Office Rome, 1996
A. Iachino Tramonto di una grande marina Mondadori Milan, 1959
A. Iachino Guado e Matapan Mondadori Milan, 1953
E. Iezzi R.N. Portaerei "Giuseppe Miraglia" Walberti Lugo di Romagna, 2000
J. Keegan The Second World War Hutchinson London, 1989
A. Petacco Le battaglie navali del Mediterraneo nella seconda guerra mondiale Mondadori Milan, 1976
P. Kemp Underwater Warriors Longanesi (in Italy) London, 1996
P. Nemours Toucher Naples et mourir Fleuve Noir Paris, 1965
G. Rocca Fucilate gli ammiragli Mondadori Milan, 1987
A. Trizzino Navi e poltrone Longanesi Milan, 1952
AAVV Witness to World War II Bookmart Ltd Santarcangelo di Romagna (in Italy), 1995
J. P. Ray The Second World War Newton & Compton (in Italy) Rome (in Italy), 2002
M. infante Una missione nell'Oceano - Le belle navi che non tornarono S. Di Fraia - Editoriale Zeus La Spezia, 2000

* AAVV is for various authors

Important note: the pictures presented in this site are from publications of the War time, especially from Appello al mare! and from magazines of the same period. I took just a few (two, if I remember well) pictures from a modern book (the Historical Almanac) and they were not copyrighted. The data about the order of battle of Regia Marina is taken from the Almanacco storico delle navi militari italiane 1861-1995, published by the Italian Navy's Historical Office (relative to the end of 1939), integrated with data taken from History books named in the table. From the same book (in English: Historical almanac of Italian warship 1861-1995) I took the statistic about warships, if not otherwise stated on the statistic's page. The models' pictures are scanned from the Delphi Models catalogue. See author's note for more detailed information about photographs and pictures copyright.

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